Rachel Ryle (@rachelryle) and the Art of Stop Motion

Since the launch of video on Instagram, illustrator and animator Rachel Ryle (@rachelryle) has transformed her feed into a gallery of stop-motion animation. “I’ve always been intrigued by the art of stop motion,” Rachel says. “As soon as Instagram released the video feature I started experimenting. It wasn’t long before I posted my first animation and I haven’t stopped since.”

Rachel credits the Instagram community as her inspiration to keep creating. “I was instantly overwhelmed by the support and attention my animations received, which made me excited to keep creating more. Everyday I’m looking around for inspiration and I find myself waking up eager to start the next project.”

Interested in trying your hand at your own stop-motion videos? Here are a couple tips from Rachel:

  • Film with a tripod or by placing your phone on a glass table and drawing underneath. “You’ll notice with my first animations I was holding my phone while recording and it looks like the Blair Witch Project.”
  • Don’t hold back — get out there and create. “Instagram has always been a place for beautiful and artistic photographs, so let’s make videos with the same intent.”

See more of Rachel’s work on her website,, and follow her @rachelryle.